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Why Donate To GYC?

The donations we gratefully receive, play a crucial role in enabling us to provide enriching experiences and opportunities for our choir members to explore their musical talents, develop their skills, and broaden their horizons. With the help of these funds, we can cover various expenses such as transportation, accommodation, workshop fees, and other associated costs, as well as directly contributing to the growth and development of our choir members and helping create memorable and transformative musical journeys.

We also hope that any extra monies could be used to fund recruiting programmes and activities so that the choir can continue to grow its membership and carry on the legacy of the GYC founder Agnes Hoey.

To make a donation please click the button below which takes you to our Crowdfunder information page, and there you can make a donation to the choir should you wish to.


Please feel free to share the Crowdfunder link to anyone you think would be interested in supporting the GYC in this way.


Thank you so much!

Choir Memories

See here some of the memories that have been made possible thanks to your donations.

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