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Our Trip To Mansfield

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

After a few years' hiatus, our first choir trip to Mansfield was met with giddy anticipation; you’d think we were off to Hollywood! It was, of course, only Mansfield, but you could feel the excitement rippling through the choir.

Performing with other choirs has always been popular with choir members, all the way back to the days of Agnes Hoey. And while yes, theoretically, we continued that throughout lockdown with video recordings and Zoom. There is something so special about performing on stage to an audience.

After an eventful train journey on Friday afternoon we arrived in Doncaster, an hour’s minibus ride, outside Mansfield. After dinner in Doncaster, we arrived at our hotel in the centre of Mansfield. Earnest to be able to go to sleep, in anticipation of an even busier day tomorrow.

Breakfast both mornings was hosted by the volunteers from Cantamus Girls Choir. It was wonderful to be greeted with such hospitality. They made us feel so welcome with open arms and plenty of food throughout our trip. Meal times gave us the opportunity to get to know the members of Cantamus.

The best part of performing with other choirs is the opportunity to meet new people and form friendships. It is the part I enjoy most. As a lot of the people I have met from other choirs tend to be the people who I have maintained a friendship with years later. It epitomises the idea that music brings people together.

After rehearsing throughout Saturday afternoon, we performed with Cantamus on Saturday night. Only our 3rd performance since covid. Our location in St Marks Church was a pleasure to perform in - even if it was very cold. With the high ceiling the sound of both us, and all the girls from Cantamus, it sounded incredible.

Rehearsing with Cantamus

Our trip to Mansfield also marked a significant event with the debut of the new senior uniform. After many consultations with both members and committee members. It is exciting to finally have a uniform that represents the choir in its modern form. Plus as former member Fiona Clark said, ‘No more carrying a suit bag with you for performances!’ An added bonus I like to think.

Of course, choir trips aren’t all about performing. It is the chance to be able to get to know your friends better and a chance to meet newer members that you maybe haven’t spoken to during rehearsals. Some of my fondest memories took place while we were just hanging out at meal times and chatting whilst shopping on Saturday morning.

Sunday evening, we arrived back home after a busy couple of days. With new memories filled with laughing and glee. Longing to be able to just relive the last few days, again and again.

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